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Yet another day awake at 5am. In half an hour the chicken and chicks outside my window will wake up and start to chirp. Then at around six twelve the sky will turn orange and pink, slightly light the skyband linger for about five minuets. Then the sky will light up some more. Bright enough to see the neighbor hood but not to cast any shadows. The sun will rise at about six thirty six. While all this is happening i will do my daily ritual of getting a glass of chocolate silk soy milk. After tanking that ill make my mocah cappacino in my big soup cup, Sit on the porch wrapped in my blanket and slowly sip mycoffee. When it reaches six fifty ill see linda parker pull out of her driveway and head down the street. Then the cat lady's son will come out of his house in his long johns to get the newspaper. All the while im sipping my coffee. The neighbors cat which i have dubbed koi will see me and greet me goomorning. Kiki will not bark because we are on the front porch, not the back. The chickens by this time will be walking around looking for a smackeral. All the while im sipping my cofee. The sun will still be hiding behind mammoth clouds, leaving the air cold. Theres condensation on the waiwi trees and on the spider webs. The school bus that usually creeps around the corner will come late today because its monday and instead of arriving at seven twenty will arrive at seven thirty. This happens every monday. My next door neighbor boys will saunter out the garage and look at me funny for being up so early, sipping my coffee wrapped in a blanket.



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